Friday, March 28, 2008

Butler: 60% Pro-Criminal, Three Times More than Conservatives

There's a lot of foofoodust that the ButlerBoyzzz are blowing around the internet (and the airwaves.) But after quite a bit of work, Ms. McBride comes up with the goods, and even made a graph!!

Jessica explains at length her methodology. It was reviewed by Esenberg, a genuine lawyer, and found to be sound.

N.B.: There are sometimes very good reasons to rule in favor of a criminal. But if one is a "conservative," you can look to the Wilcox/Roggensack numbers to get an idea of how many times that should be done.

Thanks for the work, Jess!!

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Display Name said...

I recommend Illusory Tenant, who has done an amazing job of refuting Jessica's parroting of someone else's numbers.

My prediction: Esenberg comes around and starts to agree with iT's detailed analysis, except he starts agreeing on April 3.