Friday, March 21, 2008

Stuff You Learn from McMahon

This guy McMahon runs an absolutely INTERESTING blogspot. It's a 'must-read.'

Today's gem:

During George's childhood, one of the best friends of the Patton family was none-other-than Colonel John S. Mosby, the fabled "Grey Ghost" of J.E.B. Stuart's legendary cavalry. Patton grew up hearing tales of daring raids and stunning cavalry attacks from the Grey Ghost himself. During visits to the Patton Ranch in Southern California, Colonel Mosby would re-enact the Civil War with George; playing himself, he let George play the part of General Lee as they would recount the battles of the war, astride their horses.

These firsthand stories, and horseback re-enactments, directed by one of the greatest Guerilla fighters of all time no doubt had a huge influence on Patton. Both his sense of bravery and duty, and his Guerilla like tactics were no doubt heavily influenced by his early exploits with John S. Mosby.

Recall the Third Army's "lightning march" to relieve Bastogne. It's entirely reasonable to believe that the Confederate Army's 'Gray Ghost' inspired that move--critical to the Allied victory in WWII.

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Sam Sarver said...

While we're on the subject of ol' J.E.B. Stuart, let's not forget what a debt of gratitude we (by which I mean people who don't pine for the return of the Confederacy) owe him for turning the tide of the war in favor of the North. After all, had he not had such a massive ego and insisted that he could circle the Union Army again (as he'd done during the Battle of the Seven Days), Lee might have been better informed before deciding to concentrate his forces at a crossroads town known as Gettysburg.

And also, don't tell any 101st Airborne vets from Bastogne that they needed Patton to rescue them. I'm not making any judgments, but I've met a couple who really get angry at people who suggest that.