Thursday, March 20, 2008

Elmbrook's Improvements

Sometimes, the RadioMouth is simply wrong.

That's the case with the upcoming Elmbrook school referendum, asking for $62 million to re-work and improve both Elmbrook high schools. This go-around replaces the initial $100++ million request, which was soundly defeated (with cause.)

The current question is a much different one. The Administration found a group of "no"-voters, who gave up an enormous amount of their personal and professional time to review the project from the bottom up--in essence, a "zero-based" budget review for the project.

After a lot of sensible recommendations were made and accepted, the reduced request was put on the ballot. In fact, what's proposed is necessary. The remodel and new construction will not be "frivolous" nor particularly cutting-edge--it will be utilitarian and necessary. I've been in the buildings a lot of times, and frankly, the work should be done.


James Wigderson said...

It was the new gun range that tipped it for you, right?

quietman said...

At what financial point do taxpayers take a look at virtual schools as a better investment in education? Brick and mortar schools will become the rabbit ear antennae of education.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Skools will inevitably fall to the wayside like libarees.

Dad29 said...

Q'man--I doubt it. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hell freeze over?

Dad29 said...

No. There is such a thing as common sense, David.

While I don't condone spending per se, you'll note that this referendum proposal is carefully vetted.

SHOULD spending be decreased in Elmbrook district? Some of the bennies given to the teachers are generous (but not health care...)

Some of the bennies given Administrators are generous.

But altogether, it's a relatively conservative budget--they don't pad their budget to build buildings, as does the District to the south.