Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hegarty: City Discriminated Against Her

Channel 4 has the story:

Melanie Stout has learned that former Chief Nannette Hegerty has filed a gender discrimination claim against the city.

Hegerty was Milwaukee's first female police chief. Her lawyer says Hegerty is asking the state's Equal Rights Division to look at her case to see if the city owes her money.

When Nan Hegerty left office late last year, she was making $132,000 a year.

When Milwaukee hired Edward Flynn as police chief the city specifically raised his salary to $143,000. But that's not the only reason Hegerty is claiming gender discrimination.

Her lawyer, John Fuchs, also suggests she was initially making less money than her predecessor Art Jones.

If she wins Fuchs says the city owes Hegerty less than 20 grand. But the bigger issue for Hegerty is her pension. A higher salary would give her more retirement money.

City Attorney Grant Langley says the city has yet to respond to Hegerty's claim but is working on a response right now. Hegerty filed the claim about two weeks ago.

In other words, Nancy wasn't very sharp.

She took the Chief job for less than Artie was making. Whose "fault" is that?

Then the City had to cough up a few more shekels to hire the most qualified applicant following Nancy.

Whose "fault" is that?

To repeat: Nancy wasn't very sharp.


Phelony Jones said...

Uhm. If she was sharp, she might have come out strong against goofy protests, gang members, and in support of her officers. You get what you pay for.

Amy said...

Yeah...this takes a whole heck of a lot of nerve.

GOR said...

Yes, it takes some brass for her to do this, but given Milwaukee's open-handed approach to pensions, she'll probably get a "top-up" in hers to avoid a lawsuit.