Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McCain Just Gets Worse

Man o man o man. While the Democrats agonize over which card is the winning one (Female? Black?), the Republicans have only one card, and it looks like a low-value one. Here's a snippet from an article which re-inforces what Esenberg already hinted:

In one Republican presidential debate, McCain expressed admiration for his fellow Arizonana Sandra Day O'Connor. Asked whether he would appoint a justice like her, he averred, "I'm not going to second-guess Ronald Reagan." While conservatives have gleefully denounced O'Connor for over a decade, McCain couldn't even make the easy concession that he was sometimes disappointed with her rulings.

McCains' inability to distinguish between Sandra Day O'Connor and the strict constructionists he vows to appoint is no surprise. Much as activists on the Right agitate about judges, there is no reason to suspect McCain shares their concern. Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein notes, "He has never spoken out or paid serious attention to the issue and never served on the Judiciary Committee. That makes you nervous. Someone who doesn't see the importance of the judiciary doesn't understand the system." Looking over McCain's legislative record, Fein sees reason to doubt that he will appoint strict constructionists: "McCain is not someone who thinks seriously about philosophy of government...He's incapable of thinking that deeply about separation of powers."

For the record, O'Connor was a card-carrying member of Planned Parenthood and Ron Reagan was double-crossed by his domestic adviser(s) regarding her "qualifications" to be a Justice.

But it gets worse:

While McCain is pro-life on the issue of abortion, he differs with the Catholic belief that embryonic stem cell research is immoral. The Catholic Church teaches that embryonic stem cell research is immoral because it involves the killing of embryos.

Austin Ruse from Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) raised the issue with the Arizona senator by asking him whether he had considered changing his position on embryonic stem cell research given the dramatic scientific advances of the last two months.

McCain responded to Ruse’s question by saying that while he is “very encouraged” by the advances, he has yet to see “sufficient scientific evidence” to change his support for the practice. He added that he will continue to examine the issue and receive briefs on any progress being made.

With all due regard for Sen. Brownback, there is simply no way to paint this pig's ear to make it a silk purse. Just fuggedaboutit. McCain's perfectly satisfied with being "independent" and, as is obvious, ignorant, too.

Or, as McCain's campaign put it today in a memo:

"This campaign is about John McCain: his vision, leadership, experience, courage, service to his country and ability to lead as commander in chief from day one."

Got that? It's ME! Screw all the rest of you!!

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Steve Burri said...

He thought they meant Sandra Dee O'Connor. He always loved her movies.