Friday, March 21, 2008

Ron Paul? Obama?


Anyway, Larison points out that lots of people (Your Working Boy included) ran from Ron Paul when it came out that he was closely associated with white race nuts, even though nobody believes Paul holds those vicious views. That was considered by the mainstream to be the right and proper thing to do, because even though Paul has given no evidence of having agreed with that garbage, the fact that he wasn't terribly offended by it tells us something worrisome about his character. Yet when presented with Obama guilty of more or less the same offense as Paul -- being too close to people who hold offensive opinions -- we are told to be nuanced in our understanding of these relationships, and not to hold Obama to the same level of accountability.

Yah. We saw the bloggers who denounced Paul, those who quietly snuck away, and the Utterly PC bloglodytes on that Ron Paul thing.

Dreher also frames it this way, as it's practiced by the Utterly Correct People:

"Let's have a dialogue about gender/race/homosexuality/whatever: we'll talk, and you'll listen until you agree with us."

The poison of Babel arises again.

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Anonymous said...

"...we'll talk, and you'll listen until you agree with us."

That's what being liberal amounts to, alright!