Thursday, March 20, 2008

On Window-Breaking "Demonstrators"

It speaks for itself that the window-breakers on the East Side did their "protesting" under cover of darkness and ran away to hide.

But the Caveman has a germane wish:

Oh, how I'd love to set free all those "wrongfully detained political prisoners" in Guantanamo Bay, and have them share a condo with all those spoiled brat protesters. I can see it now... the piss stained trousers mixed with the heavy smell of abject fear and panic as the terrorists descend upon these limousine liberals like wolves on a flock of lambs. Kinda like Dawn of the Dead meets Weekend at Bernie's.

I'll buy the popcorn.


Display Name said...

How does Caveman know they have been wrongfully detained or correctly detained, if their trials haven't happened or if their trials were secret or if their trials were conducted under military rules?

What sense of morality would cheer this sort of prison horror show? Would Jesus say "Pass the popcorn, Dad29"?

Dad29 said...

VERY carefully, John, reach around behind you and turn "on" your "sense of humor" switch.

Don't confuse it with your anus.

Other Side said...

You mean the same place on your body, daddio, where you cam up with this post?

Don't forget the humor switch.

Display Name said...

I think it's far more frightening that this sort of stuff comes out of people's heads.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I thought it was funny. Then again, I do have a sense of humor. Tell you what, Foust, why don't we get you together with MTV and set a up a "Real World" show and toss you in the mix with those "wrongfully detained" prisoners. HMM? Or maybe we don't need anything more than your bleeding heart to invite them to live in your own home.

As to you, Other Side, why don't you post us a link to your brilliant writing? Can't seem to get there as you've kept your profile, and therefore your blog, blocked to blogger users. Or is you blog made of glass?

Display Name said...

I bet if we took the attendees of the recent suburban AFP rally and cooped them up without a trial for a few years, they'd be rank and cranky as well.

Come on, show me the funny part that Jesus would like!

Kevin Whiteman said...

Come on, show me the funny part that Jesus would like!

Probably the part where millstones are tied around their necks, and then they're cast into the sea. What a hoot!!!

It works for The Lord.... works for me.