Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geske's Right: Trust IS the Issue

Bewailing the special interest money (WEAC and AFT) running ads, retired SCOWI Justice Janine Geske says:

"Our court system and their decisions are only as good as the trust that people have in them,"


And when it's clear that SCOWI's "leadership" has decided to be a super-Legislature, then "trust" is broken, Janine.

SCOWI's utterly ridiculous "Mommy, May I" reading of concealed-carry laws is only the beginning of a sorry record of confusing, contradictory, and downright asinine decisions foisted on the citizens and businesses of this State.

Geske, however, confuses the beginning and the end:

"And if that trust is so destroyed by what's going on in these ads, then I think we have to look at another alternative (to electing judges)."

Sorry, Janine. The advertisements do not destroy "trust."

Screechin'Shirley destroyed "trust," along with Loophole Louie and others sitting on the Court.

The ads simply point out the obvious.

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