Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Try This Before IVF

Sort of like the difference between FETAL-embryo stemcell research and ADULT stemcell research, we also find that there is a natural (and very successful) fertility treatment.

NaProTECHNOLOGY (Natural Procreative Technology or NPT) is a dramatically successful, but not well known or practiced method of diagnosing and treating gynecological diseases and infertility in women. It is a morally acceptable and very cost effective method of restoring fertility, using a fertility-care based medical approach, rather than a fertility-control approach.

This new reproductive science works cooperatively with the natural fertility [menstrual] cycle. It has been developed as a series of medical applications based on a standardized assessment of the biomarkers of the fertility [menstrual] cycle, known as the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. It can be used to evaluate and treat infertility, miscarriage, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression and many other women's health conditions.

When used to treat infertility alone, NaProTechnology has a success rate of 76% in assisting couples to achieve pregnancy - remarkably superior to the 10-15% success rate of in vitro fertilization, and without the enormous financial cost and adverse emotional and other psychological effects of in vitro fertilization.

No, you won't hear much about this in the MSM, or from the local OB/GYN community...


Brother James said...

NaPro is good for getting pregnant when you do it wrong as well ;-)

When we were getting ready to have our marriage convalidated, we had to attend a NaPro/Creighton Method fertility class. We paid good attention to the info, but didn't pay careful enough attention to the.. um..cycle.

On the bright side, there will be another Catholic in the Diocese of Lincoln come June.

Anonymous said...

nice naproTECHNOLOGY..
i have been studying on infertility...My wife was not getting pregnant,then one of the resource helped us a lot in restoring fertility..
I hope this stuff is going to help many people a lot in some or the other way,keep up the good work,