Friday, March 21, 2008

The Subtle Clinton Machine

So Obamamamama's passport records were examined--illicitly--and two people got fired.

Their boss?

The office that handles passports, consular affairs, is indeed run by a woman named Maura Harty, who's a....wait for it -- Clinton administration holdover. Remember, no one has implicated her or any State Department employees -- the two people who were fired were contract workers.

What was so damned interesting in Obamamamama's records?

The greatest interest in Obama's overseas travel has been expressed by Clinton supporters. One area of interest -- and I really don't understand what exactly they were getting at -- is Obama's European travels, or non-travels.

Brought to you via the intrepid Confederate Yankee.

By the way, the Yankee thinks this is a "nothing" story--just curiosity by the (fired) contractors.

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