Wednesday, January 23, 2008

There's A Reason I Stopped Reading This ....

The Anchoress. Not worth the time, and a loudmouth, besides.

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David L Alexander said...

A loudmouth, yes. And I never understood why someone who writes extensively on politics and is the Catholic blogosphere's reigning expert on South Park would choose a moniker like "The Anchoress."

But what if she's right?

The pro-life movement has been the doormat of the GOP since the Reagan era. Always making promises, never quite delivering. Remember, Reagan gave us Sandra Day O'Connor, who won't go down in history as a strict constitutionalist. McCain and Romney are "country club Republicans," which means you know they'll never back a socially conservative agenda when it comes down to it. Rudy is even worse. That leaves Huckabee, who can't make up his mind what he believes. It also leaves Ron Paul, probably the best choice for the Catholic vote, but who can't control his own message.

People who want the right candidate will have to stop listening to the blowhards in the media long enough, to listen to what the candidates themselves have to say. They're on the news/talk shows every Sunday morning. The clips are on YouTube.

When it's over, you pick the lesser of several evils, and hope to God that Bill makes enough of an ass of himself to sabotage his wife's campaign.

Obama got the Kennedy endorsement, which is a big ticket. So when it comes to the fall, he'll be up against someone with more experience.

Exit question: Who in the GOP can take on Obama?