Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby-Killing Contest

Somehow, this is just grotesque.

Two Democratic presidential candidates with 100% pro-choice voting records should have little to argue about on the issue of abortion rights, but in the increasingly combative nature between the campaigns of Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, no charge is going unanswered.

The debate, now more than a week old, was sparked by a
New Hampshire mailer sent by the Clinton campaign in the days before the state’s Jan. 8 primary that attacked Obama’s abortion rights record for voting “present” when he was in the Illinois legislature on seven abortion bills. Clinton defeated Obama in the primary 39%-37%.

Obama’s campaign responded by blanketing New Hampshire voters with
robo-calls defending his record on abortion rights. Today the Obama campaign held a conference call with reporters to further defend his record, even though there have been no further ads on the issue.

Ya got economic problems, terrorism, NorthKorea, fossil-fuel challenges,...

And these actual Presidential candidates are comparing babykilling bona fides...

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