Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inflation Still Here

News release:

Producer prices for finished goods fell by a slight 0.1% in December, as prices for finished energy products gave up some of their November gains. As a result, topline PPI rose by 6.3% over 2007 as a whole. Excluding food and energy products, core PPI rose by 0.2% in December, and 2.0% for the year. Inflation remains much stronger at earlier stages of processing where prices for core intermediate goods rose by 4.6% on the year while prices for core crude goods rose by 3.6%.

Doesn't look too pretty for '08, unless you buy products made in the USA exclusively--except, of course, food.

Don't eat, and buy only US petroleum products (from well-to-pump.) You'll be fine!

(Source: The Dismal Scientist)

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