Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DarthDoyle's Dance

It's like watching musical chairs.

First, our Governor discovers that tax revenues are going south (pun intended).

Then he announces that 'something must be done.'

Now he announces that 'it should be done soon.'

What, prithee, m'Lord Governor, SHOULD we do?

...Doyle's administration has already called for agencies to stop unnecessary travel, hold vacancies open and not renew or enter into new leases.

Finding additional savings will be even tougher, Doyle said.

Certain areas will be protected from cuts, including the University of Wisconsin, education and health care, he said.

You won't find $300 million in travel cuts, or non-renewed leases, or attrition.

Seems that DarthDoyle HAS no plan, other than making certain that educators will remain in the State as voters...

So far, the Pubbies have played it smart. They're not about to help Darth with any ideas, either--nor should they.

He's the CEO. He and his Cabinet have to come up with the plan.

He can't dance around the chairs forever...

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