Monday, January 28, 2008

The Politics of Illegals: Where's VanHollen?

Looks like Brown County's taxpayers are just going to keep paying.

Brown County Supervisor Patrick Evans said state auditors have backed off investigating the county's fraud investigation program because of the politically sensitive issue of illegal immigrants receiving benefits.

"That's the meat of this whole issue," said Evans, chairman of the county's Human Services Committee. "Everybody is completely afraid to touch this because of the political atmosphere. You mention it and all kinds of negative comments come at you."

Evans tried to have the two fraud investigators transferred from the human services department to the sheriff's department after investigators told him illegal immigrants were receiving benefits and management was "turning a blind eye to it."

But there was little support for Evans' proposal from other supervisors, prompting him to contact Michael McKenzie of the Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services. According to Evans, McKenzie agreed to investigate the program, then backed off.

This is the consequence of Democrat hegemony in both Brown County and the State. There will not be "investigations" of suspected illegal payments, because the Democrat Party's priorities are 1) get re-elected; 2) get re-elected; 3) get re-elected.

Note that "the common good" doesn't make the list.

I mean, do you SERIOUSLY expect Dave Hansen to give a rip?

We await something---ANYTHING---from the State Attorney General on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Just what has J.B. done since he's been in office?? I gotta tell ya, he's been a major disappointment, as far as I can tell.

Billiam said...

Ya! They've got the money to give illegals bene's but none to plow the friggin' roads till daylight! Maybe truckers should just drop everything at the county line and they can get the illegals to lump it up there. Since passable highways are so unimportant, there shouldn't be a problem.