Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Compact Consequences

P-Mac shows us the folly:

Suppose the [Great Lakes Compact] passes and, as seems utterly possible, it is interpreted so as to pretty much bar Waukesha from getting any water. Where, then, might Waukesha turn? The least likely thing is that its residents board up the house and move to Milwaukee wholesale. More likely is that Waukesha will find some other source of water, probably groundwater, and will send it, after a trip through the plumbing, down the Fox River and into the Gulf of Mexico.

Consider that: Groundwater, while recharged, is recharged slowly. This is why environmentalists similarly dislike bottled water, saying it expends a finite Wisconsin resource. So, instead of Waukeshans using lake water and returning it to the lake, as the city has discussed, it would extract a more limited resource and send it down the Mississippi.

Only Gummints could manage that trick and still tell us "it's good for you."

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Anonymous said...

Waukesha could also manage its resources responsibly.