Tuesday, January 29, 2008

House of Correction Report: "Yes/No"--Take Your Choice

Just a couple of highlights from the response to the Federal report on the House of Correction in Milwaukee--which may give you an idea of the utter incompetence of the twit who wrote the report.

"P. 65, Para 1: 'There are no emergency policies.'"

"On P. 65, Para. 4, Schwartz acknowledges that we have an emergency plan that is thorough and detailed in many areas."

"P. 63, Para 1: 'There is no fire safety.'"

"On Page 64, para 5, Schwartz acknowledges that there is a fire safety program."

There is also some discussion about the use of K9 units, with Schwartz (the Fed inspector) claiming that use of such units 'calls to mind' Southern racial brutality.

I suppose it's nice that Mr. Schwartz has a job.

The JS 'Proof and Hearsay' site has both reports linked.

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