Monday, January 28, 2008

No Mas---No Vote in Fall

An interesting take from a Chicago guy.

The Republican Party is fast moving towards the nomination of either former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Arizona Senator John McCain to represent the party in the presidential election this November.

Neither of these men are fully or reliably pro-life, in the eyes of the many people who place a great deal of importance on issues like abortion, recreational embryo-destructive stem cell research (REDSCR) (I call it "recreational" because there is no scientific reason to do this research, so I can only assume that they do it just for the fun of it), euthanasia, gay "marriage", the defense of the traditional family, and other life and culture-war issues.

And when the GOP nominates a candidate we pro-lifers can't trust, particularly someone like McCain, and most especially if he chooses a running mate with such an actively pro-abortion and pro-gay posture as Joe Lieberman, we won't be showing up to darken in that little circle next to the Republican candidate's name, and those guys who were so enthusiastic about nominating a "war hero" who advocates abortion rights in at least some circumstances...

The response to this development, both before, as they begin to wake up to the danger, as well as after it comes to pass, will be to blame pro-lifers for the election of a Democrat devil as president which my response will be....ahhhhh.....very short and very Anglo-Saxon. The (R) bunch can nominate anyone they wish. But attracting voters? That's another question altogether.

No question that the Radio Boyzzz will be into the "vote (R) no matter what" line shortly. And they will be sorely disappointed.


If you thought Bob Dole got blown out, ...


Anonymous said...

I agree.This election scares me.
May God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Where is Ron Paul? I thought he was our ray of hope.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I will not vote for McCain.

I will hesitantly vote for Romney.