Monday, January 14, 2008

"Red Fred" Roars Back, Goes All Wallace

"Red Fred" Kessler (yah, that's a reference to the Commies--well-earned by Freddie) will try to nuke the Choice movement in Milwaukee.

He won't stand in the schoolhouse door. He'll just drop a MX missile on the program.

Some details from P-Mac:

Kessler, a Democrat who represents part of the northwest side, is proposing new rules for choice schools. Some examples:

That the choice grants from the state can't exceed what schools charge other children for tuition

That if 20% of the children who attend a school on their own dime receive financial assistance, the choice children's grants will be reduced by the same amount as the highest grant to non-choice students

Choice schools "must admit the special needs student of any sibling of a student enrolled at the 'choice' school."

But Red Fred is, perhaps, looking to emulate George Wallace in one other way:

He dis-invited two black legislators while he (white boy) and Gov Doyle (white boy) met in the Governor's office to discuss marching 7,000 black and Hispanic children out of their schools.

Wonder if DarthDoyle will send the National Guard...?? Hmmmmm?

UPDATE: DarthDoyle nixes white-boys meet.

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