Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doyle's Thieving Causes BIG Problems

You recall that DarthDoyle (and a majority of our Leggies) conspired to steal $200 million from the Patient's Compensation Fund in order to paste a smiley face over their bloated, spend-a-holic budget. And if you believed that "it's all OK now," you'd also believe a hooker who tells you she doesn't have VD.

I use that analogy deliberately.

It took all of one business day for the state 's $200 million transfer from a medical malpractice fund to go haywire.

And the situation could become markedly worse.

One business day after Doyle signed the state budget, the state grabbed an initial $71.5 million from the Patients Compensation Fund, plunging it into financial trouble.

The medical malpractice fund didn't have nearly enough cash to offset the raid. Most of its assets were tied up in investments such as stocks and bonds. To get by, the medical malpractice fund had to borrow money from other state accounts at an undisclosed interest rate.

In other words, one state fund was borrowing from other state funds to cover expenses it was never supposed to have in the first place. It's an unsustainable shell game.

"...when one first practices to deceive...."

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Billiam said...

Well said. A friend asked me if I was going to listen to the State of the State address tonight. I said no, it'll all be BS anyway. Doyle lies like you or I breathe.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Doyle says, there is a critical mass of those dependant on goverment, and they don't care if Doyle is honest or not.
They are on the recieving end.
Doyle will demogogue as usual tonight. He'll tell us about all of his accomplishments, he'll blame corporations for his fiscal mess, and he'll propose more and bigger government.
His focus will be on health care and his eye will be on your paycheck.
Same shit different day.