Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doyle Goes All Hillary

Dressed like a Governor of Wisconsin, DarthDoyle speaks like a Bush Derangement Syndrome carrier:

Today, we are reaping the consequences of Washington’s failures. States across the country -- from Florida to California, Minnesota to Arizona -- all are facing budget deficits.


Here's another good one:

In Wisconsin we used conservative estimates from the Fiscal Bureau to develop our budget,...

So now it's "conservative" to increase spending at twice the rate of anticipated tax revenues (6% v. 3%)??

And here, Darth lists his ideal States:

I’m telling ya, if Ireland [who cares?] and California [fruits and nuts] and New York [yah, we wanna be like New York!] and Illinois [and like them, too!!] and Minnesota [Oley's my hero] can do it, Wisconsin can do it, and it is time to do what’s right and make all workplaces completely smoke free

Actually, if THOSE are DarthDoyle's guiding lights, then it's worse than anyone imagined.

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