Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elmbrook's Second Down Play

After a review, the Elmbrook School Board decided to try for a pass into the flat instead of a long touchdown.

With 10 weeks before the April 1 election, the Elmbrook School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to seek voter referendum approval for $62.2 million to renovate and expand Brookfield Central and East high schools.

That is a reduction of $46.6 million from the $108.8 million referendum package that failed in April, which also included remodeling and much larger expansion.

The new construction proposed would be athletic facilities at both schools, which would free up existing gym space to be converted for other academic purposes.

Elmbrook taxpayers can (and should) thank this guy:

Jerry Theder

....who led a 7-member task force which determined that the initial plan was simply too much.

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