Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Universal Health?"

Not yet published in the newspapers:

Eighty-one percent of Americans believe that in order to help reach the goal of health insurance for all, employers should either provide health insurance to their workers or contribute to the cost of their coverage, according to survey data released by The Commonwealth Fund.

(CCH News)

Looks to me that if you want insurance, you'd damn well better be working someplace.


Billiam said...

I pay $81.00 a month towards my health insurance, plus my deductable. That doesn't include my dental and vision, which also is not so bad. Most companies do provide insurance at a reduced cost. Should they be forced to? Not so sure. It's a good way benefit to provide, but a costly one. 10 years ago, under COBRA, I kept my health insurance from a job for a few months. Then, it was $360.00 a month. Now? I doubt I could.

Dad29 said...

Now it's likely $500.00/month. Single-male (good health) ain't too bad.

Family? Try $1,200/month for decent (but not exorbitant) coverage.

REALLY good family plans are WEAC's: about $1,800/month. Of course, there's no deductible and no copay...

Unknown said...

Billiam -
Cobra last month - geezerly, single, female - $423.30

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Single 26y.o. male - 200/month. Employer kicks the other half. And the coverage is mediocre at best.