Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For You Brave New World Types

G K Chesterton ruminates about those who would effect the perfect future:

THE truth is that all feeble spirits naturally live in the future, because it is featureless; it is a soft job; you can make it what you like. The next age is blank, and I can paint it freshly with my favourite colour.

It requires real courage to face the past, because the past is full of facts which cannot be got over; of men certainly wiser than we, and of things done which we could not do. I know I cannot write a poem as good as 'Lycidas.' But it is always easy to say that the particular sort of poetry I can write will be the poetry of the future. --George Bernard Shaw

There's a particular Milwaukee-area blogger who would read that quote with great profit.

But he won't.

HT: VeniSancte


James Wigderson said...

I read it and only came away from it with a buck-fifty.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, you weren't the one I had in mind.

There's someone out there who claims to be "Catholic" but has yet to actually subscribe to any RC doctrines.

John Foust said...

Toils at M J-S,
Lib'rals stole his Lucky Charms?
His Pope smiles sadly.

capper said...

I think the bigger problem is for those that are afraid to look inside, and blame others for their own mistakes.

Dad29 said...

Not him, either, John.

Much more obscure. MUCH more obscure. Ain't namin' names...

John Foust said...

You think Paddy is a good Catholic? Or is that only between him, his Priest and God?

Dad29 said...

I think I know P-Mac better than you do, John.

We have to work on his Libertarianism a bit (remember Leo XI and Pius XII's encyclicals...)

But I'll vouch for him.

Dad29 said...

Correction: Leo XIII