Friday, May 26, 2006

State Employees: We Make Up For It In Cost

Here's a cute line:

The state's work force is already among the leanest in the country, said Cathy Rought, spokeswoman for American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin. Census figures show that nationally there are 70 residents for each state employee, and in Wisconsin there are 79 people for each state employee, she said.

OK. But Cathy, Wisconsin's cost-per-State-employee is near the highest in the universe--that's the problem.

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Dad29 said...

We agree on the 'parenting' part of your comment. I am well-acquainted with a number of teachers, principally in the public schools. They are hard-working, dedicated, and inspired people. Were it ONLY the teachers who "counted" in the education equasion, all our chilluns would be like those of Lake Wobegone...

As to other State employees--there are too many. But that's because over the years, the State has assumed more and more powers, increasing the complexity of the State organization almost (not quite) to the breaking point.