Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BagManJim: Call Your Senator

Ol' BagMan Doyle is just a royal pain in the ass. Here he tells the President to go fly a kite:

Answering reporters' questions after a public appearance in Waukesha, the governor called it "very questionable" whether Bush unilaterally can order National Guard troops for such domestic duty.

Normally a governor calls out the National Guard of his or her state, although the federal government sometimes can mobilize Guard troops for international duties, most recently the war in Iraq.

Doyle told reporters that many Wisconsin Guard members have served in Iraq - which he applauded - but he also questioned whether the state can spare more troops for border patrol.
"We've got a great, great National Guard. But they can be extended only so far," he said. "It would be too big a stretch."

On the other hand, Herb Kohl, standing in the very same room as BagManJim, said:

...he believes governors traditionally have supported any president's call for National Guard troops. "They have historically been willing to do that," he said.

On the other hand, BagManJim may send W.A.R.N.G. troops--if Bush makes a campaign contribution.

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