Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just Don't Say What You Think!!

The University of St. Thomas in the Twin Cities has a cachet similar to that of St. Norbert's; it's a smaller school, its graduates are generally successful, and it operates as a "Catholic" school.

But do NOT remind its graduating class of Catholic teachings!!

A spring term that began with controversy at the University of St. Thomas ended the same way Saturday when a student used part of his commencement address to admonish people he considered "selfish," including women who use birth control.

The remarks by Ben Kessler, a well-known student recently honored by peers and faculty as Tommie of the Year, led to catcalls and boos during commencement at the Catholic university in St. Paul. Others booed those who were booing. Some students walked out on their own graduation ceremony.

The President, whose middle names may well be Pontius Pilate leaps in...

The university's president, the Rev. Dennis Dease, also expressed regret "that graduates and their families and guests were offended by Mr. Kessler's remarks." Dease said he told Kessler it was inappropriate for him to use commencement to express his opinions.

Kessler was a defensive tackle on the St. Thomas football team and had a 4.0 grade-point average. He majored in philosophy and business, was an undergraduate seminarian at the university and plans to become a Roman Catholic priest.

Perhaps Abp. Dolan should give him a ring.

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Billiam said...

Ahh, tolerance. Wonderful thing.
I'm not even surprised that the wrong Rev. didn't stand up. You have to admire those who compromise their principals to be politically correct.