Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rush Gets the Snow Job

Tony Snow was interviewed on the Limbaugh program today. It would be interesting to know who thought who was the spider, or fly...

Limbaugh certainly did not give Snow a free pass on the Senate's "Immigration" bill; he was quite aggressive in mentioning its flaws. On the other hand, Rush didn't have all the numbers handy, I suppose.

Snow absolutely ACED Rush on the "employers of illegals" question. Limbaugh mentioned that enforcement simply has been lax, at best, to date. Snow gave him some runaround about "reading the papers and noticing all the companies which have been raided" lately.

Yah, Tony. About TWO have been in the papers. Snow simply ignores the fact that enforcement numbers are down by 90+% since Simpson-Mazzoli was passed, and Rush didn't have the numbers.

What was really cute was that Snow told Rush that 'employer enforcement' would occur because one private enterprise would tattle on another (who may/may not be employing illegals.) Really, Tony?

As Jessica points out, INS doesn't even bother to pick up an illegal when he's listed in the phone book and clearly ID'd as an illegal.

Tony also stated that the President wants to put the National Guard on the border "in two weeks." Well, two weeks have passed since GWB put the proposal on the table, and we don't see 6,000 troops down there.

Snow also yapped about how the President wants to increase the Border Patrol's numbers, conveniently forgetting that the President, when given the money by Congress specifically for that purpose, did not spend it.

Yah, Tony. Snow job it was.

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Dad29 said...

There will be no Immigration Bill this year, Allen--at least not one which is "comprehensive."

And--sorry to burst your balloon--we Conservatives will vote. Doyle will lose. The House and Senate will remain in Pubbie hands.

Perhaps next cycle, Al.