Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Predator on the Prowl

If you live in the western area of Brookfield (City OR Town), or in eastern Pewaukee, or northern Waukesha, keep your eyes open for a royal blue Cherokee/Explorer-type vehicle occupied by a 30-ish male.

He likes to stop on the street and talk to young children.

Yes, a police report has been filed.


Anonymous said...

This is Mick Trevey at Channel 4. You caught my attention with this posting. It seems like something people need to be aware of. I would like to talk with anyone who has seen this vehicle. My phone number is (414) 967-5392. I can also be reached by email at mtrevey@tmj4.com

Anonymous said...

Mick Trevey is a weenie. He should be working for Fox News because: a) his stories just suck, b)he adds WAY too much drama to stories - I mean this is Milwaukee, not the nightly news, c)he posts to blogs looking for a news story d) he got really nice ear muffs when its cold outside, seriously what a douche, hehe