Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The "Mind" of the Left; Racism Projection

Xoff, head honcho of a shadowy Leftist interest group electioneering for BagmanJim, shows his intellectual prowess.

Yup. He goes right to the name-calling.

Some of us happen to think that there is a legitimate interest in the immigration status of criminals--particularly murderers. The Left doesn't want to think about that. We could conclude that the Left merely doesn't want to think in the first place. That's possible.

A better possibility is that the Left has an interest in burying information which is pertinent, especially as the House and Senate meet to (perhaps) write immigration legislation.

Sure wouldn't want ALL the facts out there, would we?

Xoff's post demonstrates the psychological affliction of Projection. He, like other members of the Left, think in terms of race because they are busy assembling blocs of races for political purposes.

On the other hand, Americans think in terms of the nation as a whole. National interest, public interest--stuff like that.

This reflex-namecalling of the Left will become prominent as the Marriage Amendment moves to center-stage here in Wisconsin. Opponents of Queer Marriage will be termed "homophobes." That makes them just like House members who oppose Amnesty; or thinking individuals who simply like to have ALL the facts at hand before rendering a judgment.


M.Z. said...

The fascination with his immigration status is not only puzzling to the left. For the other 20 people shot in Milwaukee last weekend, are we going to inquire whether the shooters were decendents of fugitive slaves? C'mon, you are better than this. You and I both know this crime and other crimes commited by illegal immigrants has absolutely nothing to do with their immigration status and everything to do with the depravity of many individuals. At least pretend that some of us sympathetic to illegal immigrants are sympathetic in good faith.

Dad29 said...

Well, gee, MZ, the sin of Adam...really?

On the question of immigration: I don't have a problem with increasing immigration from Mexico/South America--LEGAL immigration. I don't have a problem with enacting a system which provides legal status--a pathway to citizenship, if you like--for those already here, AND a "guest-worker" program for those who do NOT want US citizenship. I DO agree that border security must be enhanced AND enforced. And I DO agree that employers of illegals should be punished, as soon as the "pathway" and "guest-worker" programs are up and running. I DO think that those who apply for citizenship SHOULD learn English and become 'inculturated' without losing the goodness of their own culture.

But the active "coverup" of the immigration status of criminals bothers me, and it should bother you as well.

As to the other 20 victims: ALL of the shooters were citizens; your rhetorical question is irrelevant and a red herring. You're better than that, too.

xoff said...

Two questions:

Do you think that "having all of the facts out there" and knowing that one illegal immigrant committed some murders will have, or should have, any bearing on the immigration debate?

And who do you think benefits more politically from playing this race card -- Sensenbrenner and the Republicans whipping up the anti-immigrant frenzy, or Democrats trying to offer a reasonable way to solve the problem?

Conservatives are doing what is best for them politically; the liberals (and even GOP moderates and GW Bush) are trying to do what's right, even at a political price.

xoff said...

And another thing:

It's a hell of a "coverup" when the guy's illegal status is reported by the newspapers and radio.

Or do you think your blog caused the disclosure?

Billiam said...

XOFF, it's usually the Democrats who play the race card. Now, lawyers for illegals are playing it as well. They learned it from you. As for libs wanting to do what's right? Bull! Both parties only have one thought in mind. By granting this sweeping "pathway to citizenship" or amnesty, whatever, you'll get a hell of a voting block. This is about power, on both sides, not about what's right.

Dad29 said...


The "status" issue goes directly to controlling the border, which SHOULD be a priority.

Iterate all the "reasonable" proposals the Dems have put on the table---this should be an interesting exercise. So far, all I've seen is 'break laws and get favorable treatment.'

Generally speaking, "reasonable" should include some vestigial reference to "justice."

Finally, the MSM decided to disclose "status" three full days late. They STILL have not disclosed "status" in the Kenosha kidnap/rape case.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

I wonder what part of "anti ILLEGAL immigrant" (not anti-immigrant these guys don't get.

Dad29 said...

Pete, the Left's agenda is to acquire a voting bloc.

It's already clear that "illegal" with reference to "voting" is not an issue to them.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

I believe they are trying to deliberately obfuscate the "anti-immigrant" vs. "anti-illegal immigrant" issue in hopes of getting us to back off for fear of being tarred with the R-word.

It ain't working, so the R-word is now being applied directly.