Friday, May 26, 2006

Jim Doyle Screws the Taxpayers--Again!

Pretty soon he'll run out of new ways to clean Wisconsin taxpayers--or perhaps drive all the taxpayers OUT of the State. The 7-county Milwaukee area saw a net outflow of wealth recently; no reason that the rest of the State should be different.

THIS time, BagManJim decided that applicants for Wisconsin social services do NOT have to demonstrate that they are citizens of the USA. Just walk in and get bennies!! No Problem-o!!

We're absolutely sure that various church-based charities would provide, if necessary--so why should the State?

Because it's only taxpayer money, that's why.

Thanks, BagMan. What'll you be doing in January, anyway?

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Billiam said...

Not only that, but he vetoed the casino bill. I know the illegal/services bill was more important, but, he's in way too tight with the potawatomi.