Monday, May 22, 2006

Slavemasters Break the Law--No Problem!!

Yah, the Senate Bill also provides amnesty for the Slavemaster class--employers of illegals.

Among those who will be cleared of past crimes under the Senate's proposed immigration-reform bill would be the businesses that have employed the estimated 10 million illegal aliens eligible for citizenship and that provided the very "magnet" that drew them here in the first place.

Buried in the more than 600 pages of legislation is a section titled "Employer Protections," which states: "Employers of aliens applying for adjustment of status under this section shall not be subject to civil and criminal tax liability relating directly to the employment of such alien."

Podhoretz and Arlen Specter both object:

"The legislation we are considering today is not amnesty," Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter said last week. "That is a pejorative term, really a smear term used to denigrate the efforts at comprehensive immigration reform. This is not amnesty because amnesty means a pardon of those who have broken the law."

(Podhoretz, a NeoCon, objects to the use of the term 'slavemasters.' )

Naturally, the Democrats rose to the opportunity:

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia Democrat, vehemently opposes "this effort to waive the rules for lawbreakers and to legalize the unlawful actions of undocumented workers and the businesses that illegally employ them."

...without the least sense of irony, it was "Sheets" Byrd!

HT: the Washington Times via Malkin.


Anonymous said...


Illegal is illegal cry the Lawmakers
Fraud is fraud cry the Frauds
Law is law nod the Lawyers

It’s relative cry the Relatives
Guilty is guilty gavel the Judges
Justice is just vote the Justices
Right is righteous saith the Preachers

Enforce grunt the Enforcers
Repatriate huff the Patriots

Criminalize the assisters freaks the Fascists
Off with their heads parrots The Mad Hatter

April 1, 2006


Billiam said...

Umm, no one is really shocked, are they? I mean, c'mon, this is the Government we deserve doing exactly what a bunch with their morals and character can be expected to do.