Thursday, May 18, 2006

Define "Amnesty"

Pace Charlie Sykes, who really wants to defend the President...

Sensenbrenner insists that the President's plan is "amnesty." Sykes and the White House spinner disagree.

But it IS amnesty, and here's why.

Someone entered your house illegally, (which happens to be the perfect analogy.)

Sensenbrenner says they have to LEAVE THE HOUSE before we say "You are forgiven."

BUSH, on the other hand, does not require them to LEAVE THE HOUSE. He says "pay a fine, pay taxes, but do it all while you're still in the house," and we'll let you stay.

Stay? THAT'S AMNESTY, Charlie!!

On the OTHER hand:

Since amnesty is conditional (that is, it's like a contract--each party agrees to certain provisions before amnesty is granted)...

It's also NOT AMNESTY!! because (presumably) the illegals will fulfill the provisions demanded by Our President.

See!! Now everybody's happy.

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