Monday, May 29, 2006

Levin Blasts Kristol

Bill Kristol, whose crinkly (or smarmy) smile occasionally makes the FoxNews discussions with Brit Hume, is a controversial character.

Mark Levin presents two divergent views of the Immigration Issue--one from an Indiana congressman, the other from Kristol.

It's fair to say that Levin is not too impressed with Kristol's blessing of the Senate's S2611 abomination:

Certain Republican elites think they have the pulse of the conservative movement, but they don’t. In fact, many of them have never been active in the conservative movement. They often throw around Ronald Reagan’s name, having never campaigned for him in either 1976 or 1980, as if they share both his ideology and courage. They don’t realize that they’ve become part of the Republican establishment that Reagan fought most of his political life. And they look down on talk radio (except when they’re trying to hawk their books) because they look down on the grassroots. Talk radio is far more engaged with and responsive to the conservative base than those holed up in office buildings writing for others who are holed up in office buildings. And so the intensity of opposition from conservatives and many, many other Americans to the cynical ethnic pandering and dangerous open-borders viewpoint by the administration and the Senate is condescendingly dismissed as coming from a bunch of “yahoos.” (Here .) They arrogantly attack the very people whose views they claim to represent.

I am reminded of Savage's description of certain NeoCons: "red-diaper babies"...

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