Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Globaloney George II

Yah, so he gives a speech--5-point plan, yada yada.

I TOLD you to dust off your "parsing" skills. The speech was a combination of the Clintonian (shift-the-blame/deny-it-all) and Bush I's "pinpoints." Running "24" on time would have been a better programming decision; we know "24" is fiction.

Georgie doesn't seem to get it--or at least, he doesn't seem to really give a damn. "Pathway?" "Long-Term/Rooted?" Does that mean more falsified documentation, George?

He tells us he's authorized more Border Patrol officers--but does NOT tell us that his own Budget proposal reduces the authorization by ninety percent. He tells us that hardships in breaking the law should earn amnesty, which is a peculiar take on the term "justice." Hell, hookers go through hardships--you didn't offer THEM any 'amnesty.' He tells us that we should use technology to patrol the border, sitting in a White House surrounded by physical barriers.

And he seems to think that Other-Than-Mexican illegals are, well, sort of kinda more of a threat (Duuuuuuhhhhhh! Really!)--but doesn't give the faintest impression that there's any urgency required.

OK, George. Nice try.

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