Saturday, May 27, 2006

BagManJim Doyle--What A Jack...

Doyle is earning another soubriquet: "Dr. No!"

NO! to sensible pier legislation.

"We're not going after anyone's piers. . . . My executive order is consistent with the compromise we worked out," Doyle said We'll see, eh?

NO! to Health Savings Account tax incentives.

Doyle vetoed the bill on health savings accounts, as he has before, on the grounds that it helped the wealthy at the expense of low- and middle-income families Pure crap, Jimbo. HSA's will be established for "low- and middle-income families" when Wisconsin tax law comports with Federal tax law. Already there are several thousand UFCW members with HRA's (yes, the plan is different from an HSA.) Jimbo--meet the 21st Century...

NO! to requiring citizenship papers to obtain State benefits.

Wisconsin law is already clear that they cannot receive benefits, [Doyle] said, and a federal law taking effect July 1 will require both identification and documentation of citizenship from those seeking benefits. Then I'm sure that your State employees will carefully observe the law, right?

NO! to Legislative input on casinos (which will set up a bidding-war with campaign contributions.)

Doyle said the bill ran counter to federal law, even though some states give their legislatures a voice in siting casinos. When Doyle was attorney general, he supported legislative oversight of casinos. Pure, unadulterated self-interest. I know. Blanchard's in your pocket. Not to worry.

NO! to reporting the results of his "efficiency drive" in State Gummint.

Doyle called the report unnecessary Which means that your "savings" claims are likely BS.

January's Inauguration Day looks SOOOOO good...

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Dad29 said...

Well, Ted--that wouldn't surprise me; Gard's a silly partisan and he'll be gone soon, anyway.

One notes that you have no excuses for the REST of BagMan's asininity.