Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Opie: Fevered Brow

Ron Howard on those who would criticize or suggest "do not go" to see his offering:

On Thursday the Italian press published interviews with Ron Howard, director of "The Da Vinci Code" film. In statements attributed to him, Howard said that "to deny the right to see the film is a fascist act," and also "to tell someone not to go see the film is an act of militancy and militancy generates hatred and violence." ... Opus Dei is mentioned several times in these interviews. The phrases seem to refer to recent statements by Church authorities.

Opie, it's just a stupid flick...


Anonymous said...

Church authorities (and everyone else) are forgetting this is a NOVEL. It's fantasy. I've blogged about it too. Feel free to stop by, read my post and offer YOUR comments!

Anonymous said...

At least the church is engaging in dialogue instead of inciting violence and threatening death unto others.