Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration, Part Two, Updated with Numbers

One more thing.

The Senate's Immigration Bill (S 2611) also contains provisions to significantly increase the H1-B (green card) immigration limits from 65,000/year to 115,000/year, (indexed up 20%/year), PLUS an exemption for "anyone with an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or math" from "any foreign university".

ANY "foreign university?"

An automatic 20%/year increase in H1-B limits, every year?

This provision is being pushed hard by (inter alia) Bill Gates and his techno-industry pals, and will have precisely the same effect as the "guest worker" scheme of Globaloney George:

A reduction in wages and salaries paid to native-born US workers.

These provisions are almost never discussed; a fact for which Bill Gates is very grateful.

The H1-B "needs" are based on the usual lies: American workers are stupid, under-educated, fat, and lazy.

Must be true: the Hildebeeste herself told us so.

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