Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shirley Won't Be Here

...but I will..

The 135th annual meeting of the National Rifle Association is expected to attract 60,000 gun advocates to downtown Milwaukee this weekend in celebration and defense of the 2nd Amendment, organizers say.

"The convention is a celebration of the American freedom we have to own firearms," LaPierre said. "It will be an uplifting event on firearms, hunting, recreation shooting, collecting, self-defense, crime protection and defending our 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms.

Well, that "self-defense" and "rights" stuff--that doesn't comport with ShrillShirley Abrahamson's view of the world, regardless of the language...but never mind.

LaPierre said the NRA is growing, in part, because of increasing interest by women in guns for personal protection. The convention will address that issue in a Saturday seminar featuring NRA President Sandy Froman.

"Women are the fastest-growing segment of firearms ownership," LaPierre said. "A lot has to do with personal protection and a lot is from recreational use."

The Saturday seminar will explore women's rights to carry arms, he said, especially those who are alone at work or who leave work late at night.

Obviously, LaPierre and Froman live in the real world. "Late at night?" Not if they're carrying several thousand dollars cash for a bank deposit, Sandy. Under THOSE circumstances, they are forced to enter the Alternative Universe occupied by ShrillShirley.

One which is very dangerous, if you actually behave the way Shirley mandates.

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