Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dump Doyle

Nothing like alliteration for punch!

Bumperstickers and lapel stickers with that pithy message were all over the place at the Midwest Express Center yesterday.

Mark Green's campaign sent a fellow with a sandwich board, who walked around on the corner of 4th/Wisconsin with the message: "Welcome, Governor Doyle" in a biting sarcastic reference to BagManJimbo's "stuff it" message to the NRA.

When asked, the man stated that he had not seen either the Governor NOR the Mayor of Milwaukee near the Center.

BagMan, of course, had his own spin:

"If I have to listen to experts on public safety who are against carrying concealed weapons or the NRA rhetoric, I'll put my trust in law enforcement," Doyle said. "If I have a choice of listening to Ted Nugent or the police officers of Wisconsin, I'm going to listen to police officers of Wisconsin."

Doyle argues that the safety of state residents is not improved by carrying "loaded guns in their pockets."

Right, Jim. The consistent experience of 48 other States--that the passage of concealed-carry laws preceded a DROP in crime--why, that's hardly as important as the testimony of the Chief of Police of the UW-System.

Tell it to the folks on the Lower East Side of Milwaukee, where there's a recent rash of armed robberies, reported on TMJ4 last night at 10:00 PM.

But after next November's election, Jim, you'll be telling it to your mirror.


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