Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Xoff Needs More Vacation

Xoff is jealous--Jessica has a sense of humor. He's taking the lead in the "snarkiest blogger" race.

But we have other "teachers" in this State--it's called "by example." Let's take Governor Jim (BagMan) Doyle, aka "Craps", "Diamond Jim" and "Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of WEAC, the Tribes, and PI Lawyers"

Doyle teaches a course called Pay For Play (400 level.) Prerequisite: must have taken Chuck Chvala's 100- and 200- level courses. Lectures on obtaining campaign contributions from parties who are interested in State contracts, before AND after the contracts are awarded. Materials required:

Doyle also teaches a course called Blinding the Public (400 level.) Prerequisite: completion of the 200-level course taught by (surprise!!) Chuck Chvala. While the 200 course merely shows how to move money to out-state "friendlies," the 400 course shows how to play with computer programs to frustrate State regulatory imperatives. Materials required: Excel and Word.

Doyle teaches "Standing in the Schoolhouse Door" (300 level.) This course demonstrates the legerdemain-based methodology and is a follow-on to courses taught by other Governors which use the "direct action" method. Recommended for those who have no convictions and no courage, either.

Other courses taught by BagMan may be offered after January 2007, when he will have much more free time.


xoff said...

Either you have no sense of humor, Pops, or you missed this line in her post:

"Why aren't they created a blog called Blue America?"

The Badgerland Conservative said...

It's because the rest of the newspaper is "Blue America."

They treat Red America like it is some cult of oddities.

Dad29 said...

You're right, Xoff. It's one or the other.