Friday, March 31, 2006

Trenchant Observation

Victor Davis Hanson on the marchers for Illegal Immigration Rights:

When schools were dismissed due to student walkouts and traffic disrupted, Americans began to see the wages of their own indifference to the problems of illegal immigration. Insidiously over the last 30 years we have allowed an entire apartheid community to grow up in enclaves in the American Southwest and occasionally beyond--one by language and psyche that may well feel more romantically attached to the Mexico it left and won't return to the United States it sought out and must stay in.

In an earlier post, I mentioned "inculturation," precisely what Hanson (much more elegantly) addresses here.

HT: PowerLine

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M.Z. said...

I don't think anyone except the liberals denies that inculturation is a problem. The problem is that our solutions are band aid approaches that are condemned to failure. I know conservatives don't have the mentality of "if only we get one illegal immigrant out of the country then it will all be worthwhile," but that is the substance of the 'law' approach. We have at minimum 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. If we were to make a serious effort to get rid of all of them within 5 years and assume that no new illegals appear, we would have to remove 42,000 illegals a week. I have a great appreciation for law, but to what ends are we willing to go to justify this quixotic mission?