Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jimmy and Bobby

Waukesha County Board members display sophisticated intellectual capabilities:

Jim Dwyer said discontent with the size of the board is misguided.

"If the public outrage is because we have too large of a board, that's not following the same track as what the bond agencies think, because they think we're one of the best run governmental units in the nation," said Dwyer, of Menomonee Falls.

That means we should get Moody's to approve any Board changes?

Supervisor Robert Thelen of Oconomowoc warned that cutting the number of supervisors would draw politicians, rather than citizen legislators, to the board. With as few as 11 supervisors, he said, the job would have to be full time.

"Have they thrown a number out there of what (the fewer supervisors) are going to get paid?" Thelen said. "Where is this Waukesha Taxpayers League person? Why isn't she running for office instead of sitting in the background throwing cookies?"

No, Bobby. See your City? See it run? Part-time aldermen, Bobby. Look, Bobby, look!!

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