Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Election Season: the Nuts are Loose

Sort of a hothead, eh?

Dean Marquardt, [Brookfield] city director of administration, said Kilkenny removed her shoe and threw it at him, hitting him in the chest, during a disagreement in his office in fall of 2003. He then was director of inspections and facilities.

Kilkenny said she doesn't remember throwing a shoe and said that her message must be striking a chord with residents if her critics are turning to mudslinging.

Well, it's not exactly a first:

...on June 24, 2003, Kilkenny called 911 at 6:16 a.m. to complain about noisy trucks unloading at the Pick 'n Save behind Kilkenny's home.

Kilkenny's neighborhood had had troubles with the grocery store for years. On this Tuesday morning, she called 911 and then parked her minivan in the loading driveway to keep the trucks from leaving until police arrived. An officer said she became "argumentative."

Marquardt often leaves the impression that he's an arrogant stuffed shirt with a "rules are rules, no exceptions" mentality forged in the heat of City bureaucracy. It's possible that Kilkenny was motivated to assault Marquardt.

But blocking trucks delivering bakery? Now THAT'S a problem...

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