Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sen. Zien Likes Corncobs, eh?

The American Mind reports that Zien will not give up. While admirable in the case of CCW, the Senator's stubborn stance on cornholing Wisconsin residents is downright annoying.

Since his Capitol mailbox is stuffed full this AM, I'll simply post my email to him right here:

Dear Senator Zien,

You most likely don't recall this, but we met at the Deerfield gun shop a few weeks ago. You were kind enough to give us an autographed map of the State of Wisconsin at the time.

It seems that you are insistent on shoving corn products up the, ah, gas tanks of Wisconsin consumers, and on this issue we shall part company, abruptly.

However, we will happily use your autographed map. The first of my daughters to outline your signature with .22" holes will get a dinner on me at the Venice Club.

We will not eat corn there, either.

P.S. JB VanHollen's a great shot, eh?


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