Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ow Ow Owie!! My Wrist Hurts!!

A chapter from the Blogosphere. Seems that Xoff has a guest blogger or two. I drew Rowen in the "let's crank up the guest bloglodyte" contest held near Wigderson's place. Chris from Oconomowoc showed up, dripping orange juice all over the place, and Owen inaccurately threw his saber.

(The original post is at the bottom of this pile...)

Dad29 said...
(Ahem)Jim Sensenbrenner was onboard with Feinie about the first version of the PA--the Milwaukee JS printed a story saying that they were joined at the hip on the issue.Others joined, later. Much later. But principled Conservatives saw the problems early.
10:14 AM

Jim Rowen said...
I'd prefer you call him Feingold, or Senator Feingold, or Russ on this blog. Thanks.
10:16 AM

XOut said...
And I would prefer that the shameless junior senator from Wisconsin wasn't shameless, brainless or my senator. Alas, we all have our burdens to carry.While we are making requests… how about referring to Congressman Sensenbrenner as such rather than F.Jim?Anyone for World Peace?
12:13 PM

molliemous said...
A little decorum would be nice. Stop your hooting. I’m in no mood for any more of your jibber-jabber.
2:54 PM

XOut said...
Yeah, lets behave. We don't want Kane or Rowen calling for Dad29's censure or any other 'bold move' like that.
4:25 PM

Dad29 said...
I note the guest bloglodyte did not respond to the substance of my post.Is he indisposed? Or just running spin?Now we have Nobody's Senator and Nobody's Presidential Wannabee with ( -WI) after their names.Great Ceasar's Ghost!
7:22 PM

People bashing (the GOP) and/or ignoring (mainstream Dems) Russ Feingold over the maverick Democrat's proposal to censure President Bush should remember the last noteworthy time that Feingold took an isolated position: his vote against the so-called Patriot Act.It didn't take long for plenty of liberals and conservatives to realize that Feingold was right and they were wrong.As the consequences of Bush's arrogance on the Iraq war and domestic wiretapping become more costly, (and don't forget the administration's indifferent response to Katrina), the wisdom of Feingold's censure motion will become more apparent.The voters will censure Bush in 2008 by voting in an administration far different than what passed for leadership the previous eight years, and Feingold's effort to have started the censuring in 2006 will look prescient.
posted by Jim Rowen at 7:52 PM on Mar 14 2006

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James Wigderson said...

Shouldn't we, in the interest of this new found love of formality, start referring to Feingold as "Russell Feingold, Wisconsin's Junior Senator"?

Dad29 said...

I'll concede, in the interest of accuracy, to "Feingold, (D-AlQuaeda)"

How's that?

grumps said...

Now, now. Peter says that name calling is undignified.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Poking fun at politicians and celebrities has been a long standing tradition in America.