Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vocations in Milwaukee

Well, Dom Bet assembled a table, and the's not so hot.

Milwaukee is now 151st of 176 US Dioceses in terms of seminarians/Catholics, having one seminarian for every 33,000 Catholics. That's worse than last year's ranking of 148th.

Median: Toledo, with one seminarian for every 14,000 Catholics.

Best: Lincoln (surprise!!!) one seminarian for every 2500 Catholics.

Which brings to mind the question: what WILL the Seminary Commission, headed by Fr. Daniel Pakenham, conclude about the Sem? When he was the Rector, he had a full beard; on arrival in Elm Grove, he had shaven. Will he do a 180 on keeping the Seminary open, too?

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M.Z. said...

Wisconsin didn't fair well period. Maybe Milwaukee could start advertising the priesthood as a "solid, union job."