Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sandra "Moonbat" O'Connor

Now that she's a pensioner, Sandra (I Love Abortion) O'Connor has also gone Moonbat.

Keith Olbermann highlighted recent comments by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, delivered during a speech at Georgetown University, seemingly directed at such conservatives as Tom DeLay and President Bush for some of their criticisms of the judiciary, criticisms which O'Connor argued put America's government at risk of heading toward dictatorship.

...which, presumably, does NOT mean the dictatorship of the BlackRobe Jackasses.

Another blogsite reported the speech slightly differently. O'Connor also blamed the shooting of the Chicago Federal judge's family and the Atlanta courtroom shooting on DeLay.

It was Scalia (IIRC) who opined that SCOTUS' highly political rulings (e.g., Roe) would undermine the authority of the Court--and courts in general. Diane Sykes, a judicious jurist if there ever was one, pointed out our very own ShrillShirleyCourt's political rulings, but without appending the pertinent Scalia language.

A word to the wise: authority does NOT accrue to your person simply by putting on the black robe. Pilate got the same word, from the Word Himself.

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

WorldNetDaily had this as well. I'm glad she is outta there.