Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BagMan's Latest Slimy Trick

Once again giving lawyers a worse name than they (perhaps) deserve, James Doyle, attorney-at-law and current slimeball-in-office has done his best to thwart the intention of right-minded citizens:

If you surf the SEB website, you’ll see that electronic campaign finance reports can be viewed and downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet format. This format allows you to sort the report by date of contribution, contributor name, occupation, employer and even conduit account name.

This is precisely the kind of unfettered access that electronic filing was intended to provide, but Diamond Jim Doyle doesn’t like it.

So Doyle’s campaign created a program that exports their campaign finance data to a Word file which can not be sorted or manipulated in any way, and they make sure to shuffle all the contributions before exporting the data.

That's been fixed, thanks to a lot of work. You can track and trace the "pay-for-play" here. Kudos to Deb Jordahl, and a Hat Tip to Charlie.

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