Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wag Their Fingers, Stamp Their Feet

Jessica sums it up pretty well, regarding the JS editorials:

Not that I am comparing the Journal Sentinel editorial board to an inmate or anything (they'd probably prefer that comparison over being compared to a cop anyway - just kidding), but flogging them is sort of like... beating a dead horse or getting upset about getting lectured by an inmate in the jail. I mean, what's the point? Everyone expects them to be whacky, mean-spirited toward Republicans, and out-of-touch at this point. Well, I guess there is a point somewhat. Because someone has to answer back, and they do have a pretty big audience

Well, sorta, Jess.

First of all, that Board is composed of inmates--but not of this Earth. Secondly, I'm not willing to agree with you that they have a "big audience." Even when I needed the birdcage liner, I never read their inane scrivening. Hell, the automobile ads were more stimulating (and factual.)

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